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Thoughtful lighting for quality everyday, professional and social life

  • Control systems

  • Lighting of public and administrative spaces

  • Lighting of industrial premises

  • Interior and design lamps

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Evacuation lighting

  • Bulbs and components

  • Switching hardware

  • Sensors

  • Signal converters

  • Power sources


How does it affect our lives?

"Bad lighting makes a person unhappy" – this was once said by the German industrial design artist Ingo Maurer (1932–2019), who was also called the Poet of Light. Ingo Maurer's idea has more than once been strongly confirmed in the studies conducted by various scientists.

The influence of light on human health should not be underestimated. Low-quality lighting has a negative effect on our vision, causes overwork, discomfort, headaches and insomnia for more sensitive people, as well as significantly reduces work capacity. Also, lighting performs another important function - it affects human biorhythms. It's no secret that human activity is much higher in natural light than in artificial light, and that our productivity increases significantly on sunny days compared to cloudy days.

Let's not forget that we perceive 90% of the information about the world around us with the help of vision, so it can be safely said that a correctly planned and rational lighting plan plays a decisive role in any area of our life.

Artificial lighting

Artificial lighting – both separately and in combination with natural lighting – is one of the main fields of professional activity of "EK System". Our products include quality luminaires and lighting systems from world-renowned manufacturers and brands.

Offered in a very large variety is both indoor general lighting and functional, mood and decorative lighting, as well as specialized lighting for objects of various importance and sizes, from residential, public and commercial buildings and spaces to various outdoor areas, such as parks, gardens, sports fields, highways , pedestrian paths, facades, etc.

Compliance of lighting with several basic conditions:

• it should be even, 

• suitable for the activity to be performed and the place,

• sufficient for human safety and health,

• it must not create shadows and dazzling reflections that make visibility difficult.


Prices and product availability

Your prices, as well as wholesale prices, are available in the SIA "EK SISTEMAS" customer program. 

For access, ask: 

Artis Plauks


Tel. 29 210 481

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